WiFi calling allows you to use a VoIP application on your smartphone, desktop or laptop to make calls and recieve calls at a significant discount and receive calls on your Mobi Passport SIM number for free.

  1. First go to your online Account select My Mobile Accounts->Get Account Details and tick the checkbox Get SIP/VoIP Details by SMS and click UPDATE SIM.  Your SIP username and password will be sent to your phone by SMS.  Your VoIP username and password will be sent to your Mobi Passport Sim Card Only, this is a security measure to stop anyone accessing your details.
  2. Establish Internet or Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Download a VoIP Application
We recommend Zoiper App available on Google PlayApple AppStoreWindows PC and Apple Mac.

Create a new account in your VoIP app using the following details:
  • Account Name: Mobi Passport
  • Host: telna.net
  • Username: Your VoIP username from SMS
  • Username: Your VoIP password from SMS

VoIP to VoIP on net calling between Mobi Passport Numbers is FREE and calls to other countries and networks start from as little as US$0.05 per minute and are always FREE to receive.

Note: Always use full the country code when making outgoing calls, incoming call on VoIP are Free.