Set Up Mobile Data

To get mobile data working on your device follow these steps.

  1. Install Sim Card into an unlocked Data enabled mobile phone or device.
  2. Check the Data rates for best priced roaming network of the country you are in.  You can set roaming profiles for Europe, USA, Australia that only allow you to roam on networks with the best data rates.
  3. If the best priced mobile roaming Data network has not been automatically chosen, then manually choose.
  4. Once the network has been chosen,
  • For Android devices go into your handset-device menu and select "Settings", select "Wireless and Networks", select "Mobile Network Settings", select "Access Point Names", select "New APN". Fill out the details as you see them on the handset screen.
    • Name: Mobi Passport
    • APN:
    • Proxy: (Ignore)
    • Port : (Ignore)
    • User Name: (Ignore)
    • Password: (Ignore)
    • Authentication: (Ignore)
    • Press Save and go back to home menu select "Settings" select "Wireless and Networks" select "Mobile Network Settings" activate "Data Roaming". Remember Data roaming can be very expensive, so please Do Not forget to switch off "Data Roaming" when not in use. Once APN settings have been saved you can access your Data by activating "Data Roaming" as and when required. You can also disable Data on request.
  • Apple users will be required to download and install an APN profile.  To install the APN profile open a browser on your iOS device and browse to and then install the APN profile.  WI-FI or data connection is required.  You can also install the APN Profile using the Mobi Passport App. 
    • To delete the application go to handset settings> general> profiles> openroamer>remove.