Call Forwarding:

Call forwardingallows you to forward all incoming calls to your Mobi Passport SIM numbers (including local number) to another phone.  Call forwarding is charged at the same /minute rates as VoIP calls.

You can activate/deactivate call forwarding for free, either from handset or your on-line account.

From Handset:

1. Activate call forwarding on no response: *114*number#

2. Activate unconditional call forwarding: *115*number#

3. Check call forwarding status: *116#

4. Deactivate call forwarding: *117#         

From User Account:

1. Log into your account using your registered username and password.

2. Select the correct account/mobile number, if you have more than one account registered.

3. Enter the call forward number in the set call-forward field and click “Update Sim”

Note: When entering the number to forward all your mobile calls. I.e. US number 11234567890 or UK number 447123456789. Do not use + or leave spaces, always make sure the number you are forwarding too is correct. To turn off call forwarding, clear number, tick the deactivate Call Forward Checkbox and and click “Update Sim” or dial *117# from your handset.