Your On-Line account

Users can log into their on-line account using the email address and password set up on registration. Once logged in the user will need to select an account from the drop down box, this function only applies to users who have more than one Sim Card allocated to their account.

Sim settings and Information in your account:

  1. Top Up your account.
  2. Check your current balance.
  3. View your allocated numbers.
  4. Check your account number.
  5. Change Sim identification name.
  6. Activate or deactivate your account status-Sim Card.
  7. Activate or deactivate your VoIP-Sip status.
  8. Activate or deactivate Data.
  9. Activate or deactivate Voicemail.
  10. Change roaming profiles.
  11. Change dialling translation profile. Example: if you choose the US profile you can call another US number without having to use the full international code. There are dialling translation profiles for USA, International (none), Israel, UK, France and Australia.
  12. View ICCID number of your Sim Card.
  13. Set or deactivate Call forwarding.
  14. Get VoIP details by SMS. You can request your VoIP username and password via SMS, they will on request be directly sent to your Mobi Passport Sim Card. On receipt you will need to enter credentials into your preferred softphone dialler.

For information on each account setting click the  icon.

Other Sim Settings:

  1. Check call logs.
  2. Check transactions.
  3. Listen to your voicemails.