When you are connected to a network, the name of the network will be displayed in the top left corner of your phone.  If you are unsure if you are connected dial *113# and you should see the balance of your Mobi Passport Account displayed.  There is no cost to check your account balance.

If you are having trouble connecting to a network, please check the following:

1. Make sure your phone is unlocked

You home mobile service provider may have locked your phone, so it will only work with their SIM cards.  If this is the case you may get a message saying "invalid SIM" or similar when you insert your Mobi Passport SIM.  If you get this message, you should call your home mobile service provider to check if your phone is locked and if so, how you can unlock it.  

2. Make sure your handset is set to Automatically Search for Networks

For iPhone go to Settings->Cellular-> and make sure it set to automatically detect

For Android go to Settings->More Networks->Mobile Networks->Network Operators and make sure it is set to automatically detect.

3. Try resetting your phone.

Power off completely and then power on your phone.  Once it restarts give it a couple of minutes to try and detect the best network.

4.  Try to reset your network settings

If you have an iPhone try to reset your network settings by going to Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings

5. Change roaming profile

Within Europe, USA and Australia we offer different roaming profiles that restrict access only to networks with cheapest rates.  Often the cheaper rates comes at the expense of coverage in rural areas and so there may be no coverage on the network you are using.  Try making the following change to your roaming profiles:

  • If you are in Europe, make sure your roaming profile is set to PAYG Plan
  • If you are in Australia, try changing your roaming profile to Australia Optus Plan
  • If you are in the USA try changing your roaming profile to USA AT&T Plan 


6. Check your Phone is compatible with network used in each country

When travelling to Canada, Japan or South Korea. These countries/networks use 3G service only. A 3G enabled handset is required. Quad Band, Tri-Band and Dual Band GSM handsets will not work unless they also support 3G. 

For best results while roaming in USA on the PAYG Plan, 3G supporting 1700 MHz handsets are highly recommended. 

7. Check Coverage in your area.

You can view the coverage of most networks on the opensignal website

It is highly recommended that when travelling from country to country you turn off handset and do not set to flight mode.