Your SIM comes with a USA number, but local mobile numbers can be added to your SIM from UK (Free), Australia ($US1.50 per month) and Canada ($US1.50 per month).

Once a local number is added to you can receive calls and SMS on your local number anywhere in the world with your Mobi Passport SIM or while using WiFi Calling (VoIP).  You can also set your Local Number to be the caller ID (CLID) number so that it is displayed instead of the included USA number when you make calls.

Login to your Mobi Passport Account to add a Local Number to your SIM account (See screenshot belwo)

Tip: Before you depart forward your home landline, mobile or office phone to your local number to receive calls on these numbers while overseas. Click here for instructions on Forwarding your normal mobile, work or home number to your Mobi Passport SIM.